10 Great Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

10 Great Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

A Word From a Pack Member:

One of the most frequently asked questions our sales team receives is, “How will your website and property search solutions help me gain as many leads as possible?”

A member of our team would answer this question by showing all of the lead capture opportunities our products offer, discuss how you can easily build testimonial pages, and talk about how our websites are SEO optimized. These things are a great start, but there are additional ways that are a bit more hands that also can help with lead capture.

With the variety of lead generation tech gadgets and mobile marketing apps you may feel overwhelmed. So how do you decide what tools to add to your lead generation strategy in order to attract and nurture potential prospects?

Take a deep breath and focus your core strategy on a “back-to-the-basics” approach to real estate marketing. Tried-and-true methods are ageless and must still be part of your overall plan, even though they’re dressed up for digital consumers.

Below is a list of ten tips to generate leads. Stay tuned for more online lead generation tips in the coming weeks.

Will Malloy
Marketing Coordinator

1. Client Testimonials

You can’t beat a heartfelt, passionate statement from a satisfied client. Testimonials and reviews should absolutely be part of your online presence! A video testimonial is ideal so other potential buyers and sellers can resonate with that person. If you don’t have video capability, there are plenty of other ways to showcase your happy customers. Create a page on your agent website or social media to share testimonials, and also share them on larger sites like Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia. Buyers and sellers will appreciate the honesty of your customers and have a higher probability to reach out!

2. Video

It is definitely worth investing in a high quality, professional video to showcase yourself as an agent. Buying a home is usually the largest purchase a person will make in his or her lifetime and they want to work with a person who has the traits they trust, like authenticity and personality. They are looking to see if you are the agent they want to work with, so (literally) put your best face forward. Many agents even create YouTube videos to show knowledge and expertise blended with their honest, relatable style. A video can “humanize” a person much more than a static website profile. Many agents and brokers also showcase the beauty of the areas they specialize in on video—whether it be warm weather and palm trees or snow-capped mountains. Video brings a high return on investment and has proven to be an essential marketing technique for generating leads.

Check out the EZ Sales Team YouTube channel (that links from their website) for a variety of home tours, local real estate knowledge, drone footage, and more.

3. Visual Aids

People are visual! Great slideshows and infographics that feature the selling points of your properties are always a good idea.

4. Social Media

Strongly consider using social media. Facebook has become one of the most dominant forms of communication in the world and their paid ad platform is a very cost-effective way to generate new leads. Use it to target your core demographic! A whopping 94 percent of marketers include Facebook strategies in their marketing plans, and so should you. It’s a practical, worthwhile advertising investment that will pay off when generating new leads. Even if you don’t spend money on ads, you can still boost lead generation within Facebook using optimization, engagement, and fresh content. Facebook has long been the leader in social media, but don’t overlook other lucrative social media platforms. Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter also offer some attractive ad options.

Facebook Strategies

5. Lead Capture Forms

Most people used to look for a home in the newspaper, but now most consumers start their home search online. Having lead capture forms on your website is a great way to bring in new business. This can be one of your best lead-generating tactics, but don’t forget to make sure your website is updated and fresh so people will keep visiting and you can increase your repeat traffic.

44% of Homebuyers start online

6. Blog

A great blog can really enhance your online presence and showcase your expertise as an agent. Use it to consistently communicate your grasp of all things real estate. Don’t forget to end your blog with an effective call to action to fill out a lead generation form or make a phone call.

7. Availability

This one is pretty simple. Convince your website visitors of your availability. Let’s face it, your leads may be early morning risers or late night owls—either way, you want a presence no matter when they’re surfing. Use a simple tagline like “I’m Always Here to Answer Your Questions.”

The Blaser Yoakum Team does this great with call outs on their homepage like, “Leading-edge tech tools and training give me the edge in effectively marketing your property online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!”


8. Email Campaigns

Buyers and sellers who get your newsletter or promotional email are already “leads” in your database, but you’re much more likely to convert that lead if you stay engaged with the consumer. Understanding what stage of the decision making process they are in is key, but as long as you are providing valuable information (like “Top 5 Tips to Sell Your House in 2 Weeks”) you will be able to keep your prospects engaged until they are ready to engage directly with you.

9. Value-Added Content

Offers of additional valuable content like dedicated resource pages or downloadable e-books can set you apart from your competition. Don’t muddy the waters, though—make sure each content page has a separate, distinct purpose. Combining these products with a lead generation form is a great way to generate leads; consumers fill out a form to get special “gated” content, like local housing data statistics, neighborhood guides, or suggestions for boosting curb appeal.

Check out our e-book for a great example of value-added content as well more information on real estate marketing.

Real Estate 101 E-Book Blog

10. Great IDX Website

Content is always king in real estate, so make it worthwhile for people to visit your great, customized IDX website. You’ll have the most update selection of properties for sale and likely see a dramatic increase in your leads.

So there you have it – ten great ways you can boost your lead generation immediately. Start incorporating these suggestions today and get ready to reap the benefits of your digital lead generation strategy!