35 Awesome Blog Ideas for new Real Estate Agents: Part One

35 Awesome Blog Ideas for new Real Estate Agents: Part One

Real estate professionals – it’s time to start blogging (or get back to blogging). According to WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 21.4 billion blog posts each month, which means there is no time to sit around uninspired.

While you might be short on ideas (but not enthusiasm), we’re here to remove any barrier between you and writing great blog posts. Below is a list of blog ideas for real estate agents sectioned into groups: real estate listings, local, personal, and tips and tricks. Read on for some serious real estate blogging inspiration:

Real Estate: Listings & Insights

  • Highlight your listings of all kinds:
    • Best value properties
    • New listings
    • Recently reduced
    • Hot listings that will sell quickly
    • Listings with a particular design style
    • Listings with great features (lakefront, beachside, great skyline view, etc.)
    • Listings grouped by lifestyle (senior housing, perfect for new families, great starter home, etc.)
    • Detailed walkthrough of a single listing with photos, special notes from the owners, and other details
  • Market your open houses—include dates, times, and other information (like the variety of snacks and drinks at the event) to entice your readers.
  • Write about real estate trends on both a large and small scale—how is your local housing marketing doing? What’s your take on recent reports from the National Association of Realtors (NAR)?
  • Invite a guest blogger to your site and write a piece with them. They should be a real estate professional who isn’t your competition. Ask them about their ideas on the future of real estate, homes, technology, or other insights that would be helpful if answered by an experienced professional.

Local Events, Happenings, News, and Community Insight

  • Cover local events—both events that you’ve attended (with reviews and highlights of the best things you did, ate, or experienced there) and events that are upcoming.
  • If something noteworthy happens, write about it! Local area news is a great way to drive people to your blog and show you care about the community. Try to keep it positive, though.
  • Shine a light on a local celebrity—big or small! Write about any big-name celebrities and their homes as well as local notable figures like small business owners or politicians and public officials.
  • Local businesses—promoting new local businesses, local businesses doing something good for a cause, or simply your favorite spots around town can spark a partnership between you and them that has the potential to boost your marketing.
  • Don’t be afraid to state your opinion—posting reviews of your favorite ice cream shop, park, or other local attraction is great—but remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all: Posting angry reviews isn’t a good way to be seen as a positive community member.
  • Share the love and do a roundup of all of the notable bloggers, public figures, or cool people in your area.
  • For the photography fans, post photo (or video) tours of your favorite spots around time, as well as your favorite neighborhoods.
  • Create roundups or listicles (list articles) with the latest job opportunities to engage those job-seekers who are ready for a change.
  • Interview local politicians, business owners, and other notable figures to show you’re on top of the local scene.
  • Profile local resources, schools, and helpful institutions like charities and non-profits to showcase the good your community is doing.

Want to know more topics for blogging inspiration? Stay tuned to the WolfNet Blog for Part 2 of our 35 Awesome Blog Post Ideas for new Real Estate Agents.

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