35 Awesome Blog Ideas for New Real Estate Agents: Part Two

35 Awesome Blog Ideas for New Real Estate Agents: Part Two

Real estate professionals – it’s time to start blogging (or get back to blogging). According to WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 21.4 billion blog posts each month, which means there is no time to sit around uninspired.

While you might be short on ideas (but not enthusiasm), we’re here to remove any barrier between you and writing great blog posts. Previously, we covered real estate listings and local events, happenings, news & community insights. Read on below for suggested personal topics and tips & tricks.

Get Personal – Add Context for Why You Do What You do

  • Elaborate a little—how did you get started as a real estate agent, and why? What do you love about working with your clients?
  • Write about your awesome clients and their success stories in buying or selling their homes.
  • You too have been a home buyer, seller, or renter at some point. Write about your home and maybe share some photos to add intrigue.
  • Highlight your good deeds and write about your experiences volunteering, donating to a good cause, and other feel-good deeds.
  • Post about your lessons learned from real estate and working with clients. Who knows, maybe a young agent will read it and avoid some of the pitfalls you experienced.
  • Promote your social media profiles with a roundup of your favorite posts, photos, social client testimonials, and fun content you post to show folks where they can find you.
  • Don’t isolate yourself—write about your favorite agents and brokers in other cities and how you know each other, if you do! If not, just highlight their insights and blogs. After you post this one, make sure to email them to see if they’ll share it elsewhere).
  • Tell a story about a time you won an award, participated in a competition, or other merits for maximum brownie points.

Tips and Tricks for Homebuyers or Sellers

  • Provide definitions and explanations for common real estate terms and topics.
  • Post how tos for sellers: how to stage a home, how to work with an agent to sell their home, how to prepare a home for a showing, and other selling-related tips.
  • Post how tos for buyers: home problems to watch out for, how agents can help them find more homes, how to negotiate on a home sale, how to renovate the home once they move in, and other buying-related tips.
  • Explain which home renovations are best for increasing home equity, include photos so they know exactly what you’re writing about.
  • Woohoo, now a buyer has a home! But, how do they keep it looking good as new? Write about your favorite tips and checklist items for maintaining a home on a daily, monthly, or even yearly basis.
  • Go deeper—focus on the questions your clients have asked you. What problems did they have when buying or selling their home? What would they want to know next time?

After absorbing all of these blog ideas there’s nothing stopping you from sharing your real estate insights with the world. Well, unless you don’t have a real estate website, that is. Start your blogging journey off right with one of our custom real estate websites, complete with everything to make your rise to real estate marketing notoriety easy—powerful content management capabilities, lead capture technology, and mobile friendly design.

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