How to Create a Great Real Estate Blog

How to Create a Great Real Estate Blog

These days, everyone knows that content is important for marketing a business, and the same is true for real estate agents and brokers. Good content can bring in incremental traffic to your websites and help you generate leads. You have likely already heard from multiple sources that blogging is important, but maintaining an active blog can be a daunting process, especially when you have limited time on your hands. Specifically, consistently coming up with good blog topics can be tough.

Here are some examples of timely, interesting and informative blog topics, to help you on your path to becoming a local real estate expert in your area:

How Real Estate Works

Any blog post that leads potential buyers and sellers through the process or that provides information on the real estate industry is evergreen content. It’s always necessary and always useful. Topics like how real estate agents and buyers/sellers work together, the role of the real estate agent, the role of the title company, key tips for a smooth real estate transaction and other similar topics are good. Here is an example outlining key roles played by the real estate agent.

Local Markets

Everyone is looking for a great financial deal. Buyers and sellers alike want to know about local market trends and whether it’s a buyer’s market or seller’s market. They’re also interested in historic trends like property tax historic data. If you write genuinely and informatively, your readers will see you as a recognized expert.  Here is a great blog showcasing mortgage trends and home prices.


When buyers move to an area, they’re not only interested in the perfect home, they want to know as much as possible about the neighborhood and local area. As an agent, there’s no better way to distinguish yourself as a local expert than writing a blog about local topics and interests. Talk about local entertainment venues, parks and recreation, neighborhood swim teams and other great information. In particular, highlight seasonal festivals and farmers markets too. Organizations will work with you because they are grateful that you’re spreading the word through your blog. Blogs that can combine several types of information to give a neighborhood and area snapshot are fantastic.

How-To Blogs

If a buyer owns a home or is considering a purchase, they likely know that home ownership comes with a big learning curve of “how to” projects. Home buyers want quick advice pertaining to topics they know they should know (but don’t) and even topics they hadn’t considered. Blog posts on “how to calculate your mortgage” or “how to estimate your property taxes” are great topics. Be sure to offer free tools or links to calculators, equations, and other resources that can help. Here’s a great post on how to cut your electric bill.

Home Improvement

It’s rare to find a home that is turnkey. Most buyers will want to do minor or even major improvements to call the home their own. Whether it’s something as simple as painting the bathroom, or something major like adding a pool to the backyard, buyers love home improvement ideas and advice, like this post on great swimming pool ideas.

Selling Tips

Sellers are long on tasks and short on time. They’re always looking for great tips on things to do to sell their home faster and at a higher price. Offer tips for decluttering, adding curb appeal, home staging, and other advice.

Write About Your Niche

Use your blog to let people know your niche of expertise. Maybe it’s real estate as an investment or just real estate news in general. Maybe you can discuss house flipping and tips for landlords. Whatever it is, your readers will appreciate it and it’s a great way to establish yourself as a local or regional network.

Local Businesses/Employment

Many buyers fall in love with a particular neighborhood for its ambiance or architecture, but they’ll need to know a lot more before taking the big plunge to actually move there. An important thing to know is what the local employment situation is: job prospects, local industries, commute times and more.

Client Questions

Your clients will often have buying and selling questions that make great posts. Turn their comments, ideas, questions, and issue resolutions into posts to share the knowledge with others. Doing this also communicates to your audience that you are in touch with and care about your clients. Here’s a great example outlining questions that every agent should be asking clients.

Architecture and Historic Homes

Historic areas have always attracted buyers, and they always will. Let potential buyers know about the architecture of a particular area and the history and untold stories behind area homes. Sellers want information as well, like things you need to do to appeal to buyers who want to purchase this type of home. Check out this great post on Cape Cod historic homes.

On a final note, just remember that popular blogs become popular because the reader is finding what they need and always returning to see your content.