Provide Your Clients Valuable Content

Provide Your Clients Valuable Content

There are five phases in the consumer journey: AwarenessConsiderationPurchase, Advocacy, and Loyalty. The objective of advocacy is to stay relevant with your customers and to anticipate and surprise them by being helpful. Just like the purchase phase, your objective here is to provide value.

While the name of the game here is to keep providing value to your clients long after the deal has been made, you need to make sure that you aren’t writing random content that doesn’t relate to your core business. You will need to get a bit creative with making that tie in.

The home is likely the biggest financial investment that your clients will make, so help them take care of it so that they can maximize the value upon resale. Some examples include:

In our “Real Estate Marketing 101” e-book, we provide you with marketing strategies and tactics to help you not only get your business off the ground, but to help it grow and thrive. This e-book gives you a simple to follow plan, dedicating each section to one of the consumer journey stages listed above.

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