You Need to Give People a Reason to Believe in You

You Need to Give People a Reason to Believe in You

There are five phases in the consumer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Advocacy, and Loyalty. The objective of consideration is to gain leads – bring a potential client to your website and have them leaving your website as a lead.

There are two aspects of consideration that we need to consider,
no pun intended:

  • The prospect has received recommendations for multiple agents and has reviewed content on their sites – they are deciding which agent to use.
  • The prospect has started looking for homes on their own and is looking to narrow things down and hone in on the ones they want to consider.

In either case, the objective at this stage is to get into their consideration set, which means lead generation.  The main questions you must ask yourself is, why would someone consider you, over some other real estate agent? At this stage, you need to give people a reason to believe in you. Don’t forget to leverage your differentiator to go after your target audience.

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