Awareness is Not About Lead Generation

Awareness is Not About Lead Generation

There are five phases in the consumer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Advocacy, and Loyalty. The objective of awareness is strictly about getting your name out in front of potential clients – we like to think of this as how many eyeballs can you get to look at your website.

There are two aspects of awareness that you could address
as a real estate agent:

  • People who have already decided to buy/sell but don’t know how or with who: For these people, you will need to help them understand the buying/selling process and provide them with tips on how to navigate the real estate market. For example, “Top 10 Things To Look Out for When Buying a Home.”
  • People who haven’t decided to buy/sell yet because they don’t think they can or don’t know the benefits of doing so: For these people, your objective will be more about providing them with information and tools to make them realize that they can/should buy or sell. For example, things like mortgage calculators or own vs. rent comparisons.

The main thing to remember is that at this stage, you are not trying to generate leads just yet – not immediately. This is a long-term strategy and your goal is to simply get in front of the potential clients and offer them something of value. Again, you are simply trying to get eyeballs.

In our “Real Estate Marketing 101” e-book, we provide you with marketing strategies and tactics to help you not only get your business off the ground, but to help it grow and thrive. This e-book gives you a simple to follow plan, dedicating each section to one of the consumer journey stages listed above.

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