Five Actions That Set Top Agents Apart From Average Agents

Five Actions That Set Top Agents Apart From Average Agents

Agents who seem to get everything done and reach their goals every day have a few things in common, and they’re all on this list. Read on to learn which actions set top agents apart from average agents.

Engage and Nurture Their Leads Every Step of the Way

Real estate agents who get results stay in the game. Top agents do more than just stay steady, though—they reach out to their leads at several different phases during their customer journey to encourage conversion while also ensuring their customers come back and refer them to others.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) stated in their 2018 Generational Report that “64% of recent home sellers used a referral or the same real estate agent they had worked with the past.” Great agents keep their leads reminded of who they are and what they do so they can be referred and contacted again by the same clients, maximizing their revenue and becoming a trusted resource in their community.

Top agents also make sure their clients feel comfortable and secure with them handling their big purchase. They will contact their clients over and over again through a mix of channels including email, calls, social media, blogs, and printed materials to keep themselves top-of-mind during the buying process. Establishing a marketing program is step one, step two (depending on the agent) could mean taking the plunge into real estate marketing automation.

Leverage Marketing Automation for Lead Nuturing

Have a Real Estate Website with IDX

Top agents have websites that are powered by IDX, allowing potential clients to search your listings seamlessly. If you have a website but you’re wondering if it might be a little old school, read our blog Is Your Real Estate Website Outdated? Starting off with a great website that works on all types of screens (computer, tablet, and phone) sets great agents apart from “okay” agents. WolfNet offers custom, responsive websites with IDX property search that are perfect for new and established real estate agents. We are here to support your efforts to get to the top.

Is Your Website Outdated

Advance Their Web Presence with a Real Estate Blog

Great agents not only have a responsive, beautiful website, but they also have a real estate blog to generate leads and create brand awareness. While running a blog can be time consuming, they offer several benefits, including:

  • Presenting yourself as a knowledgeable resource
  • Increasing you findability online (local SEO)
  • Bringing traffic to your website


Your clients will appreciate that you take the time to give out free information that is relevant to their home-buying experience and answers questions that they might have along the way. Interested in giving it a try? Read our guide on how to create a real estate blog.

create a great blog

Collaborate and Work with the Best Professionals

Nothing great happens without teamwork. Great agents don’t do anything alone—they find trusted professionals to take their photos, build their websites, and assist them throughout the selling process. Great real estate agents don’t just delegate these tasks; they make everything a joint effort and truly collaborate to create long-lasting partnerships with people who are passionate about real estate.

Focus on Building Lasting Relationships

Connecting with others and forming strong bonds is what puts an agent in the “top” category. Average agents spend time meeting with clients and other professionals but they don’t put the effort in to follow up and keep the relationships going strong. Giving every client the respect and time they need is key to reaching your potential as a real estate agent. If your clients are nervous about a property and don’t seem like they want to buy, don’t leave them hanging—answer their questions and make sure they are satisfied, even if they can’t go through with the purchase right now. In the real estate world you have to earn trust, and you do that by being trustworthy and reliable, not just saying you are.

We have a lot of other tips on how to advance your real estate marketing program in our ebook, Real Estate Marketing 101, and a few other blogs on agent productivity: Good luck—we know you will have a productive summer as a top agent.