Lead Capture Tools That Grow Your Customer Base

Lead Capture Tools That Grow Your Customer Base

High-quality content drives visitors to your real estate website. However, your hard work isn’t working that hard if you aren’t gathering information from these potential customers.

When you invest time and money into creating unique content and publishing it on your website, you want to ensure that you can follow up with site visitors. If your website is not formatted for lead captures, each visit is a missed opportunity for a new customer.

Dedicate time to implementing lead capture tools that will support your business goals—and then watch your business grow.

Content and Offers

Including a clear call to action (CTA) is the first step in moving customers through your sales process. These “asks” should be simple and direct, such as “sign up” or “join today.” Without a clear ask—or next step—users may leave your site without interacting.

Entice users with special content or buyer-specific offers in your CTA. Lead capture tools can ask for an email address to receive specific content based on the neighborhood in which customers are searching. You can post a blog about the best coffee shops in a desired area, and then ask visitors to sign up for similar information. Interest-based offers are more likely to pique the curiosity of a potential buyer and encourage sign-ups.

To learn more on content marketing and ideas for content, check out our blog, “How to Leverage Content Marketing for Lead Generation.”

leveraging content marketing

Passive Forms

Passive engagement allows potential customers the ability to enter their contact information when they are ready.

  • Hello Bar is a tool that is located at the top of the screen, enticing visitors to click the link for additional content.
  • Footers are similar to Hello Bar, but appear at the bottom of a page. These may include email subscriptions for regular content.
  • Side Bars are static widgets on the left or right side of the screen, allowing potential customers to opt-in for content subscriptions.

Aggressive Forms

Aggressive marketing tools are more proactive in gathering contact information. These boxes often pop up, blocking the website’s content until a viewer interacts with the message.

  • Welcome gates appear when visitors land on your page. Viewers have the option to skip the gate and continue to your site, but others will enter their email address to continue.
  • Pop-ups, slide-ins, hover ads and lightbox ads are all names for the box that appears on screen to gather information from a user. These may appear immediately, like a welcome gate, or allow visitors to view a preset number of pages before asking a user to subscribe to your website.

Lead Generation Tools

Real estate agents have two options when it comes to lead captures: use a template with lead capture forms included, or use a plugin on your existing website.

Lead capture tools come standard on all of WolfNet’s WordPress IDX websites. Stay in contact with your customers through home valuation tools, website forms, social media sharing and listing alerts. You can search reports for specific subsets of customers based on their behavior and search activity. The lists are easily exported so you can contact customers with one click. WolfNet’s reporting system seamlessly integrates with your favorite CRM platform for easy lead distribution.

You can also install a plugin to gather customer information. Lead generation tools expand your online reach to gain new homebuyer customers. Below are a few recommended options to grow your customer base through better lead captures.

  • OptinMonster features Exit-Intent Technology to display a message to users just before they leave a page. They also use geo-location targeting for personalized campaigns that improve conversations.
  • Sumo promises to automate your website growth using free tools designed to increase traffic and get more customers using List Builder. The drag-and-drop design allows you to set up pop-ups that appear on timers, clicks and moments before people leave.
  • Text Capture 2.0 does more than just gather email addresses. Listing Power Tools and Text Capture 2.0 allow for leads to contact you via text on a dedicated line. It can be integrated with your website so you never miss a lead and your response rates increase.
  • Smart Lead Capture is designed for real estate agents and brokers in the market for better lead capture. Prospective buyers can contact via text using your Smart Capture Code.

The average email opt-in rate is about two percent. This means that for every 100 visitors to your site, only two will provide you their email address. Providing this information must be voluntary, as the user is giving you permission to contact them. Increase your lead captures and grow your business through strategic marketing plans, well-crafted content and eye-catching offers, and a custom WolfNet website.