How To Leverage Content Marketing For Lead Generation

How To Leverage Content Marketing For Lead Generation

No real estate agent is going to turn down an opportunity to generate new leads. An agent’s business lives or dies by acquiring new business leads and converting those leads into customers. In today’s real estate market, one method of lead generation reigns supreme: content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In the case of real estate agents and brokers, it’s about creating original content that relates to your business, brand, industry, and market experience (for example). Prospective buyers or sellers may start searching 12 or 18 months before they’re actually ready to meet with an agent. During this time, it’s important to cultivate a brand and business that meets the needs of their clients, and fosters a sense of trust and expertise. Today, being an in-demand agent is built just as much through content as it is through referrals and reviews. Quality content positions you as a trusted leader that wants to help their customers through the homebuying and selling process.

Why Choose Content Marketing?
Nearly half of all homebuyers start their real estate searches online. The original content you share online offers solutions to prospective customers, provides useful information about the homebuying or selling process—or better yet, is an entertaining combination of the two. Content marketing is effective—and a proven way to generate new leads. Take a look at some content marketing strategies that will generate new leads for your real estate business and help you stay ahead of your competition.

5 Pieces of Lead Generating Content to Create Today
The easiest way to land leads from your real estate blog is to include free content that potential clients can get in exchange for their contact info. And the best content adds value to readers’ lives. It informs and educates. It solves problems. It provides helpful tools. It entertains. The goal is for readers to gain information and enjoy the process so much they want their friends to have the information, too.

  • E-books: These are big (at least 3,500 words) but highly effective, since you only need to create the content once. Share the e-book on social media, in guest blog posts and on your site as gated content that requires an email address to download, and you’ll generate leads for years.
  • Checklists: Lists give your prospective customers exactly what they need in a quick and easy read. These are typically 800 words or less and about everything from packing to preparing documents. They are great on social media, but also shine as links in blog posts, and emails.
  • Guides: Long-form guides and white papers with at least 2,000 words are a favorite — content marketing leader Neil Patel says “longer posts usually perform better on every level.” These are great in your blog; social media promotion encourages readers to find them on your site.
  • Infographics: Infographics combine compelling graphics and powerful statistics, with as few words as possible. Some of the best average 20 to 40 words and still generate thousands of shares on social media and as links in blog posts.
  • Blog posts: The foundation of solid content marketing, regularly updated blogs draw your audience to you. Posts can range from 400 to 2,000 words and are shared in a designated section of your website. The key for lead generation through your blog is a compelling call to action.

Calls to Action: What Works?
In any of your content, ask for a follow-up. A link to your contact page is great, but takes your readers away from the content. One of the most effective lead-capture tools is the pop-up.

When your content loads, the reader is presented with a pop-up asking for contact info. It can be as simple as asking for the reader’s email address to download a guide or to get new content delivered to their inbox, or a button to follow your business on social media.

Now What?
Jump into content marketing with both feet. Not sure where to start? Let WolfNet help. Get the lead generation results you need to make your real estate business successful.