Three Types of Videos that Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads

Three Types of Videos that Generate High-Quality Real Estate Leads

Generating new leads is vital if you want to grow your real estate business. Most agents have their tried-and-true trade secrets for generating leads. But there’s a powerful lead generation tool that many real estate agents are missing out on: video content. The National Association of Realtors found that 36% of buyers used online video sites (like YouTube, for example) in their home search, yet only 30% of real estate agents offer video content.

Why are videos so compelling? Today, videos offer significant benefits to your real estate business. Video content enhances your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—increasing traffic, attracting new prospects and driving leads.

What’s more, the leads you capture are likely to be higher quality. This is because videos act as a stand-in for you, offering prospects the chance to get to know you on a personal level and decide if you are the right agent for them—a time-saving sales tool. Videos also allow you to educate your prospects and jump-start the buying or selling process through tip videos, property and neighborhood tours, and a multitude of other informational topics.

With so few agents using videos, adding this type of content to your website will create a strong impression of your brand and set you apart from your competition. Simply put, video content equals more higher quality leads for your real estate business.

Why Homebuyers Love Video

Today’s buyers use the internet to make their home search more efficient. In 2017, more than 50% of all homebuyers reported that the availability of online virtual tours impacted their home selection. Whether it’s a virtual property tour or a one-minute reel of tips for first time purchasers, homebuyers want dynamic content, detailed information and a behind-the-scenes look that photos and text just can’t provide. Videos have the power to put your potential clients right in the property, allowing them to envision themselves actually living in the home and neighborhood.

How to Get Started

Creating video content may seem a bit intimidating at first. Below are three easy types of videos you can create for your real estate business today without a huge investment in fancy cameras or tools. We suggest you focus on filming one single video to start with—a simple introduction of yourself and then add more videos from there.

To edit and enhance your videos, two popular options are Animoto, which lets you upload and blend photos, videos and royalty-free music and iMovie, which lets you create high-quality videos right on your Apple phone or Mac laptop.

Introduction Video

Did you know that 92% of potential home buyers search online for their homes? You have the opportunity to set yourself apart from the multitude of agent websites by creating a video that introduces you to prospective clients. A well-done, informative video where viewers can see your sincerity and feel a greater connection to you and your personal story makes a much deeper impression than simply reading your bio online.

An introductory video is a great place to start because it is true evergreen content that you can share on a variety of sites and use in multiple ways — on your website, your social media profiles, etc.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so start by jotting down some notes and creating a script for a brief introductory video. Tell viewers what action to take after watching, whether that is contacting you, visiting your website or scheduling an appointment. Make it simple and use a camera or smartphone to record your introduction and then add music and effects with an app.

Keep it short. Your introduction video should be about two minutes long, and should show your love for what you do. Check out how the EZ Sales Team introduces themselves in this video.

Expertise Videos

Showcasing your expertise in a video (or series of videos) is an amazing way to distinguish yourself as an agent. You can do instructional videos to highlight your experience in a niche of home buying or selling or market analysis. Or, create a series of videos that both entertain and educate your prospective clients about the process of buying or selling a home. While these can range from 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the topic, they are also evergreen content that can be shared across the internet.

Don’t forget to let your personality shine—your videos can be serious and professional or can be downright hilarious.

Neighborhood Tours

Most buyers want to learn more about and see prospective neighborhoods before they decide on a home purchase. Video tours are a great way to show that you know the ins and outs of an area and what sets it apart from other communities. You can use these videos right on your website and promote them on social media, as well.

Additional Video Ideas

The three types of videos listed above — introduction, expertise, and neighborhood tours — are a great place to get started in creating your video library. Once you’ve mastered them, here are a few other popular video options:

  • FAQ videos that answer the most common questions presented by your prospects. Think about the questions you hear over and over from your clients.
  • Listing tours that showcase the interior and exterior of individual properties.
  • Testimonial videos that show what former clients have to say about you while sharing your expertise and ability to earn the respect and trust of homebuyers and sellers.
  • “Meet-the-team” videos that introduce your team members and office culture.
  • Case study videos about how you helped one particular homebuyer or seller.
  • Report summary videos about the real estate industry, the housing market, or local areas of interest.
  • Live videos on social media sites (like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories) answering questions or presenting thoughts that can impact your audience.
  • Event videos from conferences or speaking engagements. As different as all homebuyers are, the majority want the same information.

What’s Next?

Don’t let the fear of getting started scare you. You can get started easily and create your first videos with easy-to-use software you probably already have on your smartphone or laptop. Once you have some experience, you may consider hiring a professional videographer to make your video library even more polished and professional, especially for evergreen videos that will live on your website and social media for the long term.

Continue to add new videos to your website to reach a broad spectrum of buyers and sellers. With a plan and vision, you can create compelling video, upload it to your site and start to see the benefits of increased traffic and higher quality leads today.

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