Top Five Blog Posts from 2017

Top Five Blog Posts from 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, it’s a great time to look back and reflect on the year. While looking back, take the time to view your analytics and discover what resonated with your clients.  Then, turn the analytics into content! 

We looked back at all the blogs we posted throughout the year and found our most popular. Take a look below at our top five blog posts from 2017.

Finally, we’d like to express our appreciation for all our blog readers and best wishes for the holidays and beyond!

5) Five Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Real Estate Leads

Many real estate agents treat their Facebook page like a brochure.  It’s great for branding, but it’s probably not helping you gain leads. Shift your focus. Your page is not about engagement, it’s really about inbound marketing.  That’s what is needed for lead generation.

4) Listing Bits Podcast Interviews Joel MacIntosh

Our CEO, Joel MacIntosh was interviewed on the real estate technology podcast, Listing Bits, during the RESO Spring Conference in Austin, TX. During this 30-minute podcast Joel discussed numerous data standardization topics with industry expert host, Greg Robertson.

3) How to Write a Neighborhood Guide

Home buyers may find the perfect dream home online, but they are unlikely to purchase that home until they understand the neighborhood it’s built in. Therefore, as a real estate agent, providing a neighborhood profile can go a long way to giving your clients a better understanding of the surroundings.

2) Should I Pay for IDX?

Agents and brokers all want a modern website with beautiful property listings, and data- lots of data about those listings.  If you see a web listing for a property, then IDX made that listing possible. Basically, IDX is the technology that makes the posting of MLS listings on broker and agent websites.

1)  10 Great Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Real estate lead generation has increasingly gone digital.  With the variety of lead generation tech gadgets and mobile marketing apps you may feel overwhelmed.  How do you decide what tools to add to your lead generation strategy in order to attract and nurture potential prospects?


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