Top Five Blog Posts of 2018

Top Five Blog Posts of 2018

Throughout 2018 WolfNet provided many real estate blogs to help agents and brokers navigate marketing, sales, trends and more.  As we look back on 2018 we wanted to share with you the posts that resonated with our readers the most. Here are the top five most read blog posts from WolfNet in 2018.

5. 10 Must Haves to Include on Your Real Estate Website

You’re a new agent, and are swamped by all of the things you need to learn in your first few years as an agent. A key component to understanding the skills you need to learn and the general lay of the land as an agent is to get a handle on the language real estate agents use every day. We’ve compiled the top 16­ definitions you need to know to jumpstart your real estate vocabulary and set you on the path to being a rock star agent.

4. WolfNet Technologies Combined with OJO Labs

WolfNet is excited to announce it has combined with OJO Labs!  WolfNet Technologies will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary with the same team out of its Minneapolis headquarters under the trusted WolfNet brand. Joel MacIntosh, founder and CEO, will continue as WolfNet’s leader.

3. 2018 Real Estate Technology Trends

More and more, online tools are being developed for a better user experience, more advanced and accurate searches, streamlined transactions, and so many high-value, time-saving measures. Consider 2018 the year you focus on technology to help propel your business forward and serve your clients in a more efficient manner.

2. 2018 Real Estate Conferences and Events

Throughout the year, WolfNet attends dozens of real estate events and conferences that provide great opportunities to meet current and potential customers, network and for knowledge growth. From national conferences to regional and local association events, each event can give an agent or broker new ideas on marketing initiatives, lead capture opportunities, and latest real estate trends for the year. Stay tuned for our 2019 real estate conferences and events roundup.

1. 10 Great Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

With the variety of lead generation tech gadgets and mobile marketing apps you may feel overwhelmed. So how do you decide what tools to add to your lead generation strategy in order to attract and nurture potential prospects? Take a deep breath and focus your core strategy on a “back-to-the-basics” approach to real estate marketing.