Use These Holidays for Great Social Media Content

Use These Holidays for Great Social Media Content

Did you know that there is a unique holiday for every day of the year? Learn how you can use some of these fun holidays to spice up your social media content calendar! It is important to have content to get your audience engaged.

DO: Use holidays like these to spark conversations with your followers, express your personality and/or share some information about your business!

DON’T: use holidays that will create a disconnect between you and your audience about who you are or what you stand for.  And remember, not all social media posts should be promotional. Use these holidays as a way to get closer to your audience.

Below we give you a handful of holidays you can use to start your content calendar, as well as some tips and example posts you can share on those specific days.



2: National Ice Cream Day

4: National Friendship Day

10: National Spoil Your Dogs Day

15: National Relaxation Day

Tip: Think about ways to make life easier for your followers.  Share discount codes or promotional offers with them via social media

16: National Tell a Joke Day

19: International Homeless Animal Day

20: National Lemonade Day

25: National Heroes Day

30: National Beach Day



2: Labor Day

4: National Eat an Extra Dessert Day

8: National Grandparents Day

11: National Day of Service and Remembrance

14: National Coloring Day

Tip: Encourage people in the office to color something that makes them happy (related to the company) and share their artwork on social media

15: Wife Appreciation Day

16: National Guacamole Day

18: National Cheeseburger Day

21: International Day of Peace

22: National Ice Cream Cone Day

23: First Day of Fall

Tip: Post about some of your favorite business achievements from last Fall and share what your company is hoping for this Fall. (Photos with Fall colors will get people in the mood for the changing season)

25: Heritage Day

26: National Family Day

Tip: Highlight some of the families of people in the office. This helps your followers get to know you on a more personal level. Not every post should be about promoting your business and this is a good way to switch things up a bit

29: National Coffee Day

30:  National Love People Day



1: World Vegetarian Day

2: National Walk/Bike to School/Work Day

4: World Animal Day

5: National Do Something Nice Day

10: National Cake Decorating Day

Tip: Get a cake made to bring into the office that represents your business. Post a picture of before and after your co-workers dig in!

13: Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

13: National M&M’s Day

16: National Boss’s Day

Tip: Highlight some of the key people in the office and share something about them.  This helps your followers get to know your company more personally

19: National New Friend’s Day

26: National Pumpkin Day

31: Halloween

Tip: Share some of the best employee costumes that are inspired by the company/industry and engage your followers by encouraging them to share what they are dressed up as and why




3: Daylight Savings

4: National Candy Day

5: American Football Day

11: Remembrance Day

11: National Sundae Day

13: World Kindness Day

15: National Philanthropy Day

Tip: Share some acts of kindness and help out your community. Encourage your followers to do the same

18: Mickey Mouse Day

28: Thanksgiving

29: Black Friday

30: Small Business Saturday

Tip: Whether you consider yourself a small business or not, post about what is going on in your local community and remind your followers to get out and go support local businesses




2: Cyber Monday

3: Giving Tuesday

7: National Cotton Candy Day

8: National Brownie Day

12: National Gingerbread House Day

20: National Ugly Sweater Day

Tip: Encourage everyone in the office to wear an ugly sweater and get a group photo

21: Winter Solstice

22: First Day of Hanukkah

22: National Cookie Exchange Day

Tip: Decorate cookies in the office that remind you of your company and share everyone’s masterpieces in a photo

24: Christmas Eve

25: Christmas Day

28: National Call a Friend Day

31: New Year’s Eve


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