Why Your Real Estate Brokerage Should be on Instagram

Why Your Real Estate Brokerage Should be on Instagram

Over 80% of users follow a brand account on Instagram—a high rate compared to other social sites. Instagram has made themselves a very friendly place for businesses. They encourage promoted posts, influencer engagement, and other marketing methods that work well on their always on-the-go platform. This is great for agents: it means you can advertise to the people who are need your services with local hashtags and targeted campaigns while also gaining more followers through promoted posts and broader hashtags.

Here are five reasons why your real estate brokerage should be on Instagram:

1. Instagram Inspires Action

75% of all Instagrammers “take action” after viewing a post. Taking action can be anything from visiting the poster’s website, clicking to their profile, or viewing a product page. This is exactly what everyone dreams of when they use social media

2. Instagram Users Love Brands

7/10 Instagram hashtags are branded. People use hashtags to track things they enjoy and want to know more about, and this includes brands! It also means people aren’t shying away from following things they enjoy and following brands that post awesome content

3. Immediate Connection to Followers

Instagram stories (temporary posts that stay up for 24 hours, or forever if you add them to a highlight) are the new way people find out about time-relevant information. For agents they are great for house showings, letting people you know you’ll be at an event, or showing off a great sale or buy!

4. Engaged Audience

Brands see nearly four times more user engagement on Instagram compared to Facebook. Wow! People don’t just scroll in Instagram—they interact with a lot of the images and videos they see in their feeds, which is great for real estate agents looking to drive relationships and generate leads.

5. Your Next Client is on Instagram

Instagram is useful for targeting first-time home buyers. 59% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram, and these are the people you want to get on board with when they’re young so you can work with them every step of the way.

Did you know? Instagram boasts one billion active users.

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