How to Stay Organized and Convert the Leads you Have

How to Stay Organized and Convert the Leads you Have

You’ve been in real estate for a while—working hard to reach your clients and connect with them again and again. Big or small, converting leads is the name of the game in real estate. Gaining new leads is one of the best things you can do, but you need to convert the leads you get into paying customers. Keeping track of all of your lead data and turning it into real, actionable steps is where we come in. Continue on to get real estate-specific tips on staying organized and converting your leads.

Develop a System

You’ve got leads, now you’ve got to organize them. If you don’t have one already, create a database where you enter all leads and update it with any status changes. Your database doesn’t have to be anything complicated; a simple .xls file or Google Doc will work.

If your database is already up and running, we suggest adding extra information about each lead, which can help you determine whether they are worth keeping in your database, when to reach out to them, and what you’ll say when you do reach out.

To identify the quality of the leads in your system, you should evaluate and include a few key pieces of data in your lead database:

  • Where they found you (Your website, email, social media, print, ads, reference, from a friend, etc.)
  • How many times they have engaged with your website, social media, or emails
  • When they entered your lead system
  • What kind of information they provided you if you had contact
  • What stage they are in the customer journey
  • The next step: ready to contact, hold off, et cetera

For specific marketing advice for acquiring attracting leads, creating awareness, and understanding the customer journey, check out WolfNet’s Real Estate Marketing 101 ebook.

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Creating a system for organizing leads that also includes information on where they are in the customer journey lets you sift through your collection to find your lead gems: those who are closest to the Purchase phase in their journey. Use your system to target the different phases and send messages that correspond to each phase. For example, email website and social links to those in the Consideration phase and call leads who have indicated they would like to buy and provide them with listing information.

Stay Timely with Updates

Time is of the essence. You need to connect with your engaged leads through any and all methods of contact you have with them, especially during within the first 10 days of them entering your system. Staying attentive and engaged shows that you are invested in them.

If the 10-day window has already passed, remember to send them timely and personalized messages that are time-appropriate. Acknowledging that it’s been a while isn’t always a bad thing, in fact it shows you are aware of the situation but still thinking of them. Keeping some email templates handy (or call scripts) is an easy way to keep in contact with your valuable leads. Now, after you’ve engaged them once, and maybe gotten closer to making a sale, you’ll want to keep them engaged.

Keep Your Leads Engaged

Here comes the hard part for many agents—steady contact that isn’t too overwhelming for the customer but entices them to become a buyer. Getting people to see you as a valuable resource can really pay off: the National Association of Realtors (NAR) explains that 89% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend them to others. Referrals are highly valued in the real estate industry. Someone who already trusts you is a great lead to have.

Keeping your past, present, and future buyers in the loop through a strong real estate blog, frequent social media posts, and email and phone contact are all methods to keep your leads interested in you and your brand.

create a great blog

Get a Useful Website

We know that buyers use the internet to find their homes. To be more specific, the NAR says that 51% of all buyers found their properties online. The digital landscape is the perfect place to attract clients, add their information to your lead system, and then use it to convert them into a buyer. The key to doing all of the steps above is having an awesome website that shows buyers you mean business. Supporting your social messages and email blasts with a great, easy-to-use website helps in the lead conversion process immensely. If you already have a website but you’re worried that it’s outdated, we have a list of questions that can help you double-check.

Is Your Website Outdated

WolfNet can set you up for lead conversion success with one of our beautiful real estate agent sites. And once it’s created, we’ll be there every step of the way to provide you with the necessary resources for success.

Now that you’ve got a system to manage your leads and reach out to them in a timely manner, you’ll be converting them to buyers in no time. Start incorporating our suggestions today to stay organized and on top of your lead conversion strategy.