The Hub & Spoke Model, Part 3 – Managing Your New Leads

The Hub & Spoke Model, Part 3 – Managing Your New Leads

By now you fully understand and are committed to Hub & Spoke Marketing. You’ve created a solid hub and have placed the necessary spokes throughout the web, now you’re getting a solid stream of new traffic and leads! How are you going to manage all of these new faces to your site? Managing leads is critical to the success of your business so I’ll lay out a few tips on how to manage them effectively.

Marketing Automation

One of the easiest ways to manage your leads is with the use of a marketing automation system. You don’t need the biggest, brightest and newest system on the market, just one that you feel comfortable with and gets the job done. A good marketing automation system allows you to collect leads via your online forms and segment those leads based on characteristics such as stage in the buying process, location they are looking for, property price ranges and more.

Any platform you utilize needs to give you the option to setup drip campaigns. This way, you can automate emails to go out on their own without manually scheduling them yourself. Drip campaigns also give you the option to send out specific campaigns based on certain actions recipients make on your hub. Want to send them a follow-up email after they’ve clicked a specific link? Want to hold a day or two before sending out another email to someone who didn’t open the original? All this can be done by creating specific nurture paths with strong calls-to-action.

Managing Content Development

Once you’ve chosen your marketing automation system you’re now set to start developing content to send out to your new leads. It’s imperative that you create nurture content that goes out to your clients on a regular basis in order to stay top of mind when customers are ready to buy. Here are a few topics on creating great nurture content:

  • Develop emails or content pieces on what it’s like working with you as an agent. This is a great way to build your personal brand and show your clients how you differentiate from other agents. It’s important to let customers know your accomplishments!
  • Keep a steady stream of open house announcements either on your website or in a weekly/bi-weekly email contact. Let customers know what properties are coming up on the market!
  • For clients that are selling their property, send them a regular list of comparable homes that are also up for sale. This will give them a good idea if they’re priced competitively for their market and help you work together to reach the correct selling price.
  • Make sure you’re developing unique content for both buyers and sellers. Provide them with helpful tips, especially for first time sellers and buyers. They’ll need your guidance throughout the process so make sure you’re giving them the necessary tools to feel confident in their choices

Nurturing Leads

Nurturing leads is an essential part of the hub and spoke model. If you don’t have the proper content once consumers start visiting your site, you’re going to lose them fast. Take the time to develop a strategy and stick to it as best you can. Clients are looking for agents and brokers that can illustrate that they’re experts in their respective markets and a content strategy is a great way to reinforce that perception.

Over the course of this blog series, we’ve provided helpful tips and insights on managing your website and it’s traffic. With a solid understanding of the Hub & Spoke Model, you’ll soon be able implement effective strategies to increase your client base.

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