Why is WolfNet the Data Aggregation Solution?

Why is WolfNet the Data Aggregation Solution?

RE Technology president, Marilyn Wilson hosted, “Reliable Data Aggregation and Distribution: It’s not Rocket Science, It’s Harder!” Along with industry experts, our CEO Joel MacIntosh joined this webinar to discuss what data aggregation is, how it works, and why WolfNet is the data aggregation solution.

Seasoned Professional

Founded 21 years ago and exclusively in the real estate industry for 17 years, WolfNet is your data aggregation solution. We are currently in 640 MLSs and have full approval in 600 of them. Having that approval allows us to not need system installations. It is, generally speaking, the same process, however it’s more efficient to not need those installs. Depending on the approval, we also maintain the geocoding and offer the photos via URL, which is more efficient and provides better security.

All Data Sets Covered

We can cover every data set.  We do this for a multitude of customers, whether it’s IDX or VOW, Broker Only or third-party fee.  Plus, we update the data as fast as possible, so you always have the most up-to-date data.

Keep it Local

While we are standardizing the data, we make sure to keep it local. We don’t standardize the data down to a skeletal base where it is just designed for a portal.  We make sure that when we bring the data in we are standardizing it and maintaining those local nuances because ultimately, it is a local business.

While it is very important to know what your customers want, and we make sure we maintain that level of data, we also provide the data in a more normalized format. If you are a portal, for example, this normalized format allows you to manage and operate the data that way as well.

Maintain Control

We will never try to take control over the data feeds; unless you want us to.  We want the MLS to maintain control. We are only facilitators and we are trying to make the process work as efficiently as we can for everyone involved. Not every data aggregator can say that!

Check out the webinar below to hear Joel speak in more detail about why WolfNet is the data aggregation solution. If you would like to learn more about WolfNet’s data aggregation and distribution services, visit our website, or call 1-866-WOLFNET.