2018 Real Estate Technology Trends

2018 Real Estate Technology Trends

2018 is shaping up to be the year of exciting real estate trends, and most of all, technology will be a focal point this year. More and more, online tools are being developed for a better user experience, more advanced and accurate searches, streamlined transactions, and so many high-value, time-saving measures. Consider 2018 the year you focus on technology to help propel your business forward and serve your clients in a more efficient manner.


Traditionally used by other industries for customer service, this technology uses a computer program to text conversation-style with a real person. You’ll begin to see a lot more chatbots emerge in the real estate industry, as the technology is expected to emerge as a powerful customer service and real estate lead generation tool.

Artificial Intelligence:

Speaking of lead generation, Artificial intelligence (AI) is making great strides in real estate. Take Structurely or OJO AI engine for lead generation and appointment scheduling. The AI engine is pre-trained on thousands of lead conversations to handle leads for you in an affordable manner. Many of the big players, like EXP Realty and Berkshire Hathaway are seeing amazing time savings and increased revenues after implementing this technology.


Blockchain is all the buzz, and the technology shows incredible promise for the real estate market in 2018. Blockchain is a secure cryptography mechanism best known for tracking Bitcoin digital currency, but this incredibly innovating tracking technology has the potential to revolutionize any record-keeping scenario, like real estate deals. Blockchain has caught the eye of some of the world’s largest financial institutions as a new way of enacting financial transactions. Also look for blockchain storage of secure property records to potentially revolutionize the market in 2018.

Virtual Tours, Augmented Reality and Drone Technology

Images are a crucial element of selling any home, and there are three technologies to strongly consider this year. The first is 3D and virtual tours. A simple progression of photography showcasing the home makes the buyer feel like they’re at an actual showing. Companies like Matterport are so good, you’ll feel like you’re at a real walkthrough. You should also consider using drone technology to take aerial shots of your properties. Many agents are doing this, and buyers are starting to expect these images, particularly for luxury residential and commercial properties. The FAA does require licensed drone pilots, so look into hiring local photographers with this expertise. Better yet, if you’re an agent and a tech junkie, you can get your own license, which would be pretty cool! If you sell properties in need of renovation, consider investing in augmented reality, which you’ve seen on shows like Property Brothers or Fixer Upper. This software allows you to show the buyer what the property might look like after renovations are done, or even what furniture placement will look like. It uses an image-layering technology to achieve this effect. It’s a smart investment and just might make the difference in a sale because the buyer can now envision the home.


Smart home automation is coming onto the real estate scene in a big way. American consumers want it, and are expecting it to be part of a showing, particularly for luxury properties. You’ll really have to consider integrating these gadgets like light dimmers, security systems and smart thermostats like the Nest into your home staging and displays. Buyers are all about making their homes more affordable in the long run, and these gadgets have terrific mass appeal.

Optimized Websites

Home buyers and sellers work with real estate agents because they provide industry and market expertise, so you need to provide your agents with the best tools to enhance your brand. In 2018, one of the best tools you can have—and your most important marketing asset—is your website. At WolfNet, this is our area of expertise. We provide stunning WordPress websites to fit your needs and have a quick setup time, so you can focus on your clients. Key features include our Responsive IDX property search and our WordPress IDX Plugin, which are strengthened by our content management tools specifically tailored for real estate and customized and optimized for mobile device delivery. Agents love us because we help increase their lead generation by leaps and bounds.

Big Data

The ability to use and understand big data will be, well, big in 2018. We believe it will be the key to success in the industry going forward. Those agents able to have a comprehensive view of the housing market can better serve their customers with knowledge rather than just reacting on a hunch.

Make 2018 your year for tech!

Tech is here to stay, and it’s making a big splash in 2018. It’s all about real estate agents and brokers using technology to work smarter—not harder—in creating a tremendous “search and sell” experience for the client. All aboard 2018! Be the right agent with the right information, tools and knowledge to set yourself apart this year.