Celebrating WolfNet’s Moms on Mother’s Day

Celebrating WolfNet’s Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and WolfNet is so proud of the strong, wonderful moms who work with us. Raising kids is not an easy feat and as a company we recognize the sacrifices that parents make every day to provide for their families. We are always looking for ways to make our company a great place to work as a parent. We asked our WolfNet mom’s what it is like to be a mom working at WolfNet and this is what they had to say:

Colleen – Account Manager

Being a WolfNet mama is the greatest! Although my daughters are grown, I often share what it means to work in a tech company that is supportive of women and is open to the ideas that we bring to the table. Plus, there is no greater sense of pride than working with a committed, dedicated team of professionals like the WolfPack.





Leela – Database Developer

Being a mom is so much more than I ever imagined, and I can’t get enough. It’s more exciting, more exhausting, more rewarding and more draining, easy to figure out and totally confusing. The love, hugs, kisses, my goodness. Being a parent is the most intense experience of my life. Nothing is more precious than having a baby. My memory is full of sweet and tender moments.

WolfNet has been an amazing company to work with, surrounded with good people who have always understood me being a mom and working woman. An ear to listen to complaints and tears. Without WolfNet support, it would be very difficult to do all that I need to do both jobs. I work because I love it. Kudos to every mom out here. None of us are doing it perfectly, but every mom I know is doing her best.


Regan – Customer Service Manager

Being a mom can be one of the hardest jobs there is. WolfNet’s flexible time off policy, gives me a sense of ease. If my son gets sick or hurt, I don’t have to stress or worry about how much vacation/sick time I have accrued. The entire team is understanding and they would want me to leave and make sure he is okay.

He is a young adult now and it is fun watching him do more adult things. I had him drive me to work one morning, he had never had to deal with rush hour traffic before. He asks me, “You do this everyday?!?” It was a good laugh for both of us and I think it gave him a deeper appreciation of what it means to him, that I have a great job that I am willing to travel for.


Stephanie – HR Assistant

As a first time mom-to-be, working at WolfNet through my pregnancy has been such a smooth transition.  Having a manger who is also a mom, means having a supportive environment that many women miss out on when they workplaces that don’t have women in leadership.  It’s been great to have things like flexibility with doctor’s appointments, knowing that I have the trust of my manager that I’ll still be able to accomplish my job.