Reasons Our Employees Love Working at WolfNet

Reasons Our Employees Love Working at WolfNet

For Valentine’s Day, we asked a handful of our employees what they love about being a member of the Pack at WolfNet.

Laura Wahl, Operations Specialist

Laura_WahlWhat do you do at WolfNet?

I specialize in Operations. My projects center on process development and efficiency, specifically within Salesforce, across several departments.

What do you love about working at WolfNet?

What I like about my job is the opportunity to learn new things. With a foundation in Accounting I did not expect to be involved in Real Estate Technology, but I was lucky to find a great fit at WolfNet and now I can’t think of a more exciting space to work in. I feel the company puts a strong emphasis on training and development and that’s something I really appreciate. WolfNet has an atmosphere of innovating together and adapting collaboratively, at a fast pace, where your input is valued.

Andrew Mikos, Web Developer II

AndyMWhat do you do at WolfNet?

I work on the various technological products offered by Wolfnet, with a focus on our web-based IDX search solutions, and the API that supports both the search solutions and the WordPress Plugin.

What do you love about working at WolfNet?

Working as a part of a smaller team allows me to have a noticeable impact on the products and services we provide. Rather than just mundane maintenance or tiny changes here or there, I can play in integral role in significant initiatives and projects, which means I get to really contribute to the products we offer our customers in my work. It makes it more meaningful to come to work every day than just being a code monkey at some huge workshop.

Adam Arthur, Marketing Manager

Adam_ArthurWhat do you do at WolfNet?

I manage our Marketing Department and work collaboratively with our Marketing and Design Teams. This includes a daily and weekly focus on tasks related to content creation, social media, and strategic projects, and a bigger-picture lens on departmental goals and strategy. I manage staff, communication and relations with consultants and partners, as well as evaluating advertising and sponsorship opportunities that fit with our brand and goals.

What do you love about working at WolfNet?

The culture. Not only does WolfNet have a team of great people who do excellent work, but the culture fosters collaboration, creativity, and challenging the way we do things. New ideas are encouraged and the company truly offers each staff member the ability to go outside of the job description and offer new ideas that help shape the company.

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