Five Website Features for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Five Website Features for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Did you know, only 5% of real estate firms did not have a website? This means you need a website to showcase your real estate knowledge and persuade them you are the best agent to work with. These five website features are must haves designed for individual agents, new agents, experienced agents, agent teams and small brokerages.

About Me - Title - Website Features



Having a biography page can provide the confidence to a potential client that you will be a good fit during their home buying or selling journey. They may be impressed by your knowledge of the community, your extensive list of satisfied customers or your experience with price negotiations. Use your bio as an opportunity to show off your skills, experience and market knowledge.

Video - Title - Website Features



Videos are consistently better at engaging buyers, as well as a more efficient way to highlight the features and benefits of each property. You can get started easily and create your first videos with easy-to-use software you probably have on your smartphone or laptop like iMovie, Lumen5, and Nero Video. With a plan and a vision, you can create compelling video, upload it to your site and start seeing benefits of increased traffic and higher quality leads.

Testimonials - Title - Website Features



Testimonials and reviews should absolutely be part of your online presence. Create a specific page on your website to share testimonials and cross promote them on social media, linking back to that page. Buyers and sellers will appreciate the honesty of your customers and have a higher probability to reach out and inquire.

Contract Status - Title - Website Features



Who wants to get involved in a property with a pending offer? Make sure your clients can easily view the contract status of your properties, keeping their focus on realistic purchases. The more information you provide to your clients about the property, the more knowledgeable you look.

SSL Cert - Title - Website Features



Many internet browsers have began adding additional security updates to their platforms. These updates will call more attention to sites that are not secure by displaying prominent “not secure” indicators near your sites URL. By including a SSL certificate to your website, you can assure your clients their information is safe with you by keeping their information encrypted.

Want to know the top five website features that you need to add to your real estate website?

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