OJO Labs Combined with WolfNet Technologies FAQs

Why did OJO Labs combine with WolfNet Technologies?

Combined, these two technically advanced companies bring exponentially greater value to their customers, the real estate industry and its constituents.

In the age of data and artificial intelligence (AI), both companies have a shared vision that collaboration and openness is the best path to delivering real value. The companies will continue to partner with other exceptional data providers to expand the value proposition.

The combined resources of the companies and their skilled teams will accelerate OJO, making the product smarter and faster, while simultaneously improving the quality and expanse of real estate and related data to the industry through WolfNet’s data services. OJO Labs combined with WolfNet Technologies brings exponentially greater value to customers and the industry.

What is OJO Labs?

OJO Labs is an AI technology company that empowers consumers to make better decisions through its conversational AI, “OJO.” For the real estate industry, its leading-edge, machine-learning assistant, OJO, engages consumers through mobile messaging and innovative web experiences that reimagines the home transaction experience.

Where does OJO Labs have offices?

OJO Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX. and has an additional office in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.

How will the acquisition impact WolfNet’s partners, customers and MLSs?

WolfNet’s complete, accurate and current real estate data repository will be significantly enhanced by employing cutting-edge machine learning and AI. Leveraging the most comprehensive MLS data sets, our customers, partners and MLSs will save time, money and resources while bringing new products and services to market faster than ever.

How will the acquisition impact the real estate industry?

Distinguished engineers within the two companies will team up to solve the biggest technical challenges involved with processing millions of data fields and images from over 600 MLSs. Consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of fresh, accurate and complete real estate data via a new way of partnering with agents and brokers through advanced, patented AI conversational technology.

Will the WolfNet name survive?

Yes, WolfNet is a recognized and trusted brand among our customers, MLSs and within the Industry.

Will there be any change to the products and services I’ve purchased from WolfNet?

Both companies will be hard at work combining resources to offer the best products and services to the marketplace. WolfNet customers will be notified and eligible to take advantage of these great tools as they become available. Your existing products and services from WolfNet will continue to be supported and enhanced.

Will the terms and/or pricing of my existing contract change?

No, all existing contracts will be honored. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent products and services to our customers.

Will the WolfNet leadership team change?

No, the WolfNet management team will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations with Joel MacIntosh continuing to serve as our Founder and CEO.

Will I have a new point of contact for my account?

No, you will continue to receive the same great service from the WolfNet team.

Will WolfNet be moving office locations?

No, WolfNet will remain at its Saint Louis Park location just west of downtown Minneapolis, MN.