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Send real estate listing leads directly to the listing agent

Managing leads for your real estate business can be a hassle. This problem can get exacerbated further if you have multiple listing agents on your team. Manually distributing the leads that come through your website, can be a huge drain on your time.


Our agent lead generator add-on allows you to highlight your listing agents on their listings and any inquiries generated there will be routed directly to them. This saves you time and helps your agents respond to inquiries in a more timely manner. One of the main hassles that home buyers and sellers face is their inquiries going unanswered for a long period of time – they expect them to be answered right away.


Having the ability to rout real estate leads directly to the listing agent responsible, can significantly cut response times and improve the experience for your clients.

Agent Lead Pop-Up Form

Remove the hassle of manually distributing leads to your agents. Highlight your listing agents on their listing and route inquiries generated on their listings directly to them.

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