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Open House

Allow your customers to easily find and filter by open houses as they search for homes. All open houses are clearly marked and can be filtered by status in your property search.

For those who are starting out on their home buying journey and don’t have an agent yet, open houses are a great way to dip their foot in the water. Having a robust open house search on your site is a great way to hook potential customers early.


Especially if you incorporate some of our other features, like our agent leads and feature agent add-ons, it’s a great way to get leads flowing to the right people, at the right time.


Our open house search add-on provides detailed open house information right on the listing page. If available, driving directions, refreshment/snack info and the open house schedule is displayed as well.

Open House Detail Information

Easily filter for open houses under the “Status” section of your existing property search. All open houses are marked with a banner.

Open House Search Filter

Detailed open house information is found within the listing details page. If available, driving directions, refreshments/snack information, and the open house schedule displays on the listing page.

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