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Having an interactive property map search, provides an improved customer experience. MapTracks is mobile responsive, because over 50% of today’s home buyers use a mobile device during the search.

Exceed the expectations of today’s online home buyer and gain a significant competitive advantage by offering the latest in property searching technologies. WolfNet’s MapTracks defines user friendliness and will help you convert more of your website visitors into valued customers. Offer them a more visual, user friendly experience when searching for listings. Website visitors can quickly and easily narrow their property search to a specific neighborhood, see listing locations instantly.


Searchers can also get a better feel for the neighborhood right from the property detail page, through the points of interest map. They can view nearby schools, restaurants, medical coffee shops, medical facilities, and much more. Because a neighborhood is often a main selling point, having this information early on in the search process gives your potential customers a leg up. What if you could show off the curb appeal of your listings without someone even needing to visit the location? MapTracks allows you to do just that through areal and street view options.

Interactive Map Search

Browse listings through an interactive map giving prospects the opportunity to inquire, request a showing or view property details from the map view. MapTracks℠ was designed to be responsive, meaning it gives a great experience on mobile, tablet or laptop.

Polygon Map Tool

Where available, the Polygon Map Tool gives your clients the ability to search specific areas by drawing a shape to define a search area. This tool also allows you the opportunity to showcase neighborhoods and other areas by creating custom pages and posts.

Points of Interest Shown in Map Search

The map within the property details page offers homebuyers the opportunity to show nearby schools, restaurants, medical facilities and a plethora of other points of interest. Where available, you’ll also have the ability to view satellite images of the neighborhood and street views of the property itself.

Aerial House View in Map Search

Want to give your clients the opportunity to view a property and neighborhood from a bird’s eye view? Well, you’re in luck. Where available, the House View within the Points of Interest map gives the option to view not only the property but what’s around the property.

Street View in Map Search

Where available, the Street View within the Points of Interest map gives your clients the ability to view a full 360 degree panoramic view of photos of the actual property. This feature helps clients eliminate deal breaker neighborhoods during the property search process and saves you time on showings.