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Provide your customers with even more valuable information by including lifestyle date in your real estate search. Include lifestyle factors such as school ratings, crime rate, cost of living, etc.

When people are buying a home, they aren’t only choosing the house features that they most want; they are also choosing the community and neighborhood that best fits their lifestyle. This means researching school quality, proximity to certain amenities, demographics, etc.


Today’s homebuyers expect a robust real estate lifestyle search experience, and our lifestyle search add-on provides just that. Give your customers access to all the neighborhood and community data they need to make an informed decision. Allow your customers to filter and search for homes based on school ratings, crime rate, cost of living, demographic data, etc.


People can even search for properties based on commute time to their place of work. This, and all the other lifestyle filter options can be searched simultaneously with other common property filters (e.g. number of bedrooms and baths).

Real Estate Lifestyle Search Filters

Clients can search and rate importance of lifestyle factors such as school ratings, crime rate, median household income, cost of living, type of neighborhood and even the all-important commute time. Lifestyle search can also be searched simultaneously with property filters.

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