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If you are looking for real estate data, we have MLS data coverage across all 50 states and even Canada. We cover 99% of all active listings, and can provide you with the clean, standardized data that you are looking for, for your real estate technology product.

Significantly Decrease your time to market

We help you save your valuable IT resources by providing a full real estate data management service. You can just concentrate on building your product, and we manage the process of providing the data.


Any real estate company accessing data from multiple MLSs faces a flood of challenges in standardizing and maintaining data and photos. There is little consistency with data schema, format, delivery, updates and photos. What many technology providers don’t realize is the contracting process to get this data from the MLSs can be just as daunting.

We Manage a Lot of Real Estate Data


  • Active Listings Active Listings
  • Thumbnail Photos Thumbnail Photos
  • Sold Listings Sold Listings
  • Census Data Census Data
  • VOW Data VOW Data
  • School Data School Data
  • Open House Listings Open House Listings
  • Public Records Data Public Records Data
  • Foreclosures Foreclosures
  • Listing Details Listing Details
  • Agent & Broker Info Agent & Broker Info
  • Geocodes Geocodes
  • Full-sized Photos Full-sized Photos

The Data Access Pipeline

How we do it: First we access the MLS data via RETS, FTP Pull, FTP PUSH and direct database access. We then standardize the data by placing each characteristic into one of more than 400 standardized fields. Finally, we refresh the data throughout the day providing one of the most accurate and up-to-date MLS data sets in the world.

Photos are far and away the stickiest wicket for companies accessing MLS data. Bandwidth and the resources required to download, manage, and store photos strains IT – but not with WolfNet Data Services. There’s no need to download photos. Instead, you’re able to access photos via media servers in the cloud through URLs. We use a CDN which caches every photo to the location nearest to you for incredible speed and performance (we serve up well over 10M photos daily). But of course if you need to download photos, that option is available too. We always offer the highest resolution photos available. And we make it even more convenient by generating and providing thumbnail images that are perfect for results pages, mobile views and more.

How you do it: You have 24/7 access to the most updated MLS data available by direct database access or via API. Either way, you can easily automate your updates to keep your data as fresh as you like.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Ben Kinney

    “When you’re providing a solution to tens of thousands of agents, you need to have a company that’s always up, that doesn’t have down time, and that’s available to handle the issues that happen in technology so that the agents can keep doing their job, which is selling real estate.”

  • Victor Lund

    “A lot of people can provide IDX data services to real estate brokers, but very few can normalize that data across multiple markets and deliver it consistently. You have to have a reliable service that’s delivered to agents and that agents can use to service their customers. You need a company that’s going to do it every day all day long and never break.”

  • Jamie Wilson

    “WolfNet plays a key role in our overall equation. We pride ourselves on having really accurate, timely and complete information about real estate listings and WolfNet is the keystone in the data arch getting the info from the MLS dropped into our consumer experiences on the web.”

  • Brad Blumberg

    “Data Provisioning services from WofNet have allowed Smarter Agent to provide cutting edge mobile technology in markets we could not otherwise access in a timely basis.”

Contract Consulting & Processing

In order to access data from a particular MLS you and your customers will need MLS approval. The process is quite different among MLSs. Frankly it can be overwhelming – but you don’t have to do it alone! We’re buddies with 600+ MLSs and we’ve been in the game for over 20 years. Let our industry know-how and strong relationships help speed up the MLS contracting process.

Navigating Through the MLS Maze

Need help navigating your go-to-market strategy, MLS compliance and a litany of other MLS related items? We can help! We’ve been there and done that and we’ll help you get there too!

Support You Can Count On

We’ve got your back for ongoing support. It starts with a dedicated project manager to get you up and running and continues with a dedicated account specialist to assist with any ongoing questions or needs. You also receive access to our online ticketing system which is monitored rigorously. With our Premier Support option, you can even have access to our 24/7 support team for resolution any time day or night.

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