Ten More Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads Using Facebook

Ten More Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads Using Facebook

People often feel like their company needs a Facebook page rather than wanting to have a Facebook page because many people do not know how to properly use Facebook to help their company. Not knowing the right way to use Facebook to help increase leads can cause people to dread having an account all together. By following these ten steps to increasing real estate leads by using Facebook, you will be more excited than ever to set up a company account and get started.

1. Invite People to “Like” Your Page

Once your Facebook page is all set up, Facebook will urge you to invite friends and family to “Like” your page. By doing so, they will then be notified of new posts and content from your Facebook page will show up on their timeline just like for anyone they are Facebook friends with. “Liking” a page is the equivalent of them following you. This is a great way to get people interested in your page. Once you invite people to “Like” your page, ask them to share the page with their friends and family. This will increase your following and people are more likely to trust someone that a family member or friend knows. For each new person who “Likes” your page, thank them in a private message and let them know that you would love to talk further.

2. Call To Action

With each post you send out on Facebook, make sure to have a Call To Action at the bottom of the post, leading the reader to either your company website, blog, etc. 

Make sure all of your company information is located at the top of your Facebook Page in the “About” section so it is one of the first things viewers see when they get to your page. This information should include the company hours, telephone number, location, blog (if there is one) and website plus anything else that you find necessary.

3. Quality vs. Quantity

There is a fine line when it comes to company Facebook pages between posting so much that you start annoying people and posting too little that they forget about you. You want to be perfectly in the middle and this can be a challenge to figure out what is too much or too little. It is important to post enough that you remain relevant to people and keep them interested, but take time to make sure that what you’re posting is really valuable for your viewers. Take time, draft your posts and make sure you are confident in what you are sending out. The most important thing to remember is not to waste people’s time by putting out content that is not your best or is not helpful.

4. Join Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to not only reach new groups of potential clients but to get involved in the local community and know what is going on around you, while keeping people up to date on what is happening inside your company. Exposing your company to a greater community will increase your following and generate more leads. This is also a great way to get involved with some local collaborations or sponsorships to help spread your company name.

5. Do “Giveaways”

Giveaways are great ways to get people talking about you while also increasing your chances of generating leads. Giveaways can involve anything from a company t-shirt to a free consultation meeting, etc. By setting up a Giveaway on your Facebook page you are using a Call To Action to get people to submit their contact information for a chance to win X,Y, Z. This is a great way for you to increase the number of contact information that you can then reach out to and start generating leads.

6. Spark Conversation

Get talking on your Facebook page and get people involved and interested in the conversation being had. Ask questions, see what your followers think. This is a great way to learn from your followers and interact from them at the same time. Responding to comments or questions that are asked on your page is a great way to boost your company name. People are more likely to work with a company they feel comfortable with and by interacting with people, you will increase those comfort levels.

7. Use Facebook Stories

Lets face it, we can all be a little lazy when we are relaxing, checking out our social media. Facebook stories are great because they are accessible and easy to see without scrolling endlessly through your page or getting distracted. You can post multiple times and have them all confined in one little space that viewers can tap through and get all the information they need without getting distracted by other posts. Uploading Facebook stories can be great when you are at an important company event or open house that you want people to know about without blowing up their Facebook timeline. Facebook stories are also nice because they will pop up at the top of your follower’s timelines which keeps you relevant to them.

8. Livestream

Facebook Livestream’s are a great way to share  special moments with your followers. Your followers will be notified if you are doing a Livestream and will have the opportunity to see what you are up to. Whether it is an open house or a closing, or just you wanting to talk and share some information with your followers, it is a great way for them to feel like they are connecting with you. It also gets the information you want to share out to the public in a fun video rather than another Facebook post.

9. Run Targeted Ads

Running a Facebook Targeted Advertisement is a great way to expose your company to a greater audience. You can run targeted ads through zip codes so people in your area or a greater community can become aware of you.

10. Share Fun Home DIY Projects 

A huge part of real estate has to do with the appearance of houses, everyone wants their house to look nice. For your followers that want to increase the appearance of their house but are not necessarily ready to buy, share some fun “Do-It-Yourself” projects that are good for holidays or seasons to add some fun to your page and not make it all serious business. This is also a great way to get people to look at your page and share your posts, spreading your name. These people will certainly keep you in mind for when they are ready to buy or sell.