Ten More Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads Using Instagram

Ten More Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads Using Instagram

Out of all social media, Instagram users are the most likely to “take action” on posts. Because of this, Instagram has become a very welcoming place for businesses. Engagement is encouraged in a much stronger way than on other social media platforms and there are endless possibilities when it comes to advertising on Instagram. Take a look at these ten ways to Increase your real estate leads on Instagram and take your profile to the next level.

1. Get Connected


A very important factor of your Instagram is making sure that people know how to get in touch with you. This is why you should always have the company’s contact information in your Instagram bio. Make sure to have a link to the website, a link to the blog if you have one, and a company phone number and email address. It is also a good idea to add where your company is located so people can know that right away.

2. Follow People in Your Field


Following people who are also in your field is a great way to get connected with a larger group of people. This is an easy way to get you noticed because of Instagram’s ability to show people other profiles they might be interested in. By following people similar to you, you are likely to show up to their followers as someone they might be interested in following. Often times this leads to viewers taking action and visiting your profile.

3. Post at the Right Times


Make sure to post at a good time for people in your community to be checking their social media. A few good times would be around lunch time when people are on breaks or in the late afternoon/evening when people are out of work and starting to unwind from the day. You should not post late at night or early in the morning, as these posts are less likely to be seen.

4. Like and Comment


Like posts related to real estate. Search some local hashtags and like all the posts that are related to your field. Do this often to increase the chances of people seeing your account. Comment on people’s posts with some information that might be of use to them or a good question to catch people’s attention and intrigue them to go take a look at your profile.

5. Use Calls To Action


CTA’s are important across the board, but they are especially effective on Instagram. 75% of all people on Instagram “take action: after being prompted to by a post. People are very likely to click a profile or a website link, etc. after seeing a post with a strong CTA.

6. Your Next Client is on Instagram


Instagram is filled with your target audience. 59% of people 18-29 years old are Instagram users, which is great for you. These are the people that you want to connect with while they are young so you can work with them every step of the way.

7. Instagram Post Do’s and Dont’s


Instagram Do's & Don'ts

8. Be Consistent (But Not Pushy)


Be consistent with your posts so your followers stay up to date with you, but don’t post too much at once. Where some people fail with their company Instagram is posting too much at once and then not posting again for a long length of time. Schedule out when you are going to post and come up with a time to post a few times per week or whatever you decide is a good amount for your followers.

9. Engage Your Audience


Caption you posts with conversation starters to get people commenting. Ask them their opinions and reply back to their comments to get a conversation going.

10. Use Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are temporary, 24 hour stories that contain time-relevant information. (You can keep a story forever if you highlight it.) Instagram stories are perfect to show off an open house, a sale or buy or letting your followers know what your company is up to.