Celebrating WolfNet’s Dads on Father’s Day

Celebrating WolfNet’s Dads on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday and the team at WolfNet is full of dads who are ready with a witty dad joke or some helpful advice.  WolfNet HQ is always looking for ways to make our company a great place to work as a parent. I asked our WolfNet dad’s what it is like to be a dad working at WolfNet and this is what they had to say:

Andrew – Web Developer IV

Being a dad rules, but being one of two full time working parents can sometimes feel like working 10 simultaneous full time jobs. However, WolfNet helps by being extremely supportive and flexible to family life.




Bob – Software Engineering Manager

Working in technology at WolfNet allows me to better connect with my kids in their tech-centric world. My eldest is strongly considering going into computer science, and I’m able to provide some guidance on that front. The work/life balance culture at WolfNet empowers flexible scheduling when needed to accommodate crazy kid schedules.

Grant – Director, Sales & Business Development

The overpriced latte on the desk is replaced with a coffee cup that reads “I love you daddy.”  Pictures on the wall of you and your friends are replaced with pictures on the wall of your kids. Work hours shift from 9-6-to 8-5 to spend one more hour with them before they go to bed.  The biggest change is the biggest reward, your kids.



John – Front End Engineer II

With flexible hours, I don’t have to miss out on my daughter’s life.





Ryan – Account Manager & Designer

While the whole experience this first year has been crazy, its been comforting to know that my WolfNet family is understanding of what its like to become a new parent. The support they have given us, really has allowed us to have a healthy work life balance.